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Supported Housing

We support and empower individuals to live independently in a positive and successful way.

We provide 24hr, 7 days a week care for individuals with complex and diverse needs. These include homelessness, mental health and addiction.

Seashells supported housing has been running for 19 years. We liaise with the Community, other local services and the local Council to provide a safe space for individuals to learn to use their voice and feel heard.

We do this in several ways, each individualised with respect and in a non-judgemental way.


Housing Support Services

Conwy: Conwy Housing Related Support.


Download: Directory of Housing Support Services pdf.


Denbighshire: Denbighshire Housing Support Services.


Telephone: 01824 706450

Download: Directory of Housing Support Services pdf.

Llandudno staff

Seashells Supported Housing staff

Supported Housing Values


As a team we all work together to encourage trust and understanding while empowering an individual's personal choices.
Training and support have enabled our team to continually push forward and learn new ways to improve their skills.


As a Psychologically informed environment project, we support, we trust, we understand.

Everyone comes from different situations and backgrounds this no different for the staff at seashells, as mental health substance abuse and homelessness can affect anyone.

Person centred

Activities are tailored both in content and delivery to fit in with each individual.

Each individual has control over when they learn skills and behaviours to allow them to adjust to independent living as easily as possible


This is crucial to us as we feel support should come with respect and honesty. Without either, effective support can not take place.

Moving On

Our houses are run as psychologically informed environments using a strength-based approach with trauma informed care. As such our citizens are treated as individuals; as they learn the skills, knowledge and gain confidence ready to leave supported care.

Supported Housing

Supported Housing